1. Surface approximately 231 m2
  2. 3 bedrooms
  3. 2 bathrooms
  4. Separate storage
  5. 2 private parking places
  6. Loggia and terrace
Floor map
°52.085418     °4.303261

If you wish to experience how the upper class of The Hague lived around 1870, you really should experience this apartment. It is situated at the front of The Sophia and is part of the original monumental building. Therefore this apartment aswell has such a high livingroom and windows; the rich of those days didn’t settle for less.

The entrance of this apartment (which measures around 231 m2 in total) is on the 3rd floor. This is where you sleep and bathe in wealth. This floor has a balcony as well as a pleasant terrace oriented on the south-east.

If you step a bit up from this 3rd floor, you enter the very large living room (108 m2). You can’t miss the height of this space, since it is almost 3,5 metres. Your open kitchen area is a nice place to start your days and enjoy the view.

Front Side
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