1. Surface approximately 221 m2
  2. 3 bedrooms
  3. 2 bathrooms
  4. Separate storage
  5. 2 private parking places
  6. Loggia
Floor map
°52.085418     °4.303261

This very large apartment which measures around 221 m2 is situated directly behind the monumental facade of The Sophia. From here, you are looking out over the green and wide Sophialaan.

One of the characteristic features of this apartment is the height of the livingroom: almost four metres! In the 19th century this was one of the ‘essential needs’ for the wealthy citizens that lived here. The spacious living room of around 113 m2 give you a free and clear view over the Sophialaan, thanks to the impressively high windows.

The bedrooms lead to the terrace overlooking the Sophialaan. Needless to say that this apartment comes with two large bathrooms.

Front Side
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