1. Surface approximately 222 m2
  2. 3 bedrooms
  3. 2 bathrooms
  4. Separate storage
  5. 2 private parking places
  6. Loggia
Floor map
°52.085418     °4.303261

The elegant houses in and around the Willemspark show a phenomenon that is typical for the midst of the 19th century. They tend to have a ‘bel-etage’, French for ‘beautiful floor’. The well-to-do of those days preferred to live on the first floor, above the ground floor. And they liked to live on a large scale: large rooms, high ceilings.

This apartment at the front of The Sophia is a fine example of such a ‘bel-etage’. With its 222 m2 on one floor it offers you an abundance of space and atmosphere. So, the apartment stretches out from the historic front to deep in the building, where the bedrooms and bathrooms are situated.

At the front, overlooking the Sophialaan, there’s the living room which measures a stunning 92 m2. Thanks to the slightly deeper level of the sitting area, this vast room has a surprising and inviting lay out.

On sunny days, you’ll want to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and the sun. You can do so on the terrace at the side of The Sophia, offering a view on the Sophialaan.

Front Side
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